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Respectable Lodge Witelon

In the Orient of Warsaw

Est∴ 2009

Ryt Szkocki Dawny i Uznany

Lodge meets in Warsaw. Workshop works in Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. The Logde is mixed, it means that it accepts both men and women.
The activity of this Lodge is focused on receiving, training and integrating with the Order of Entering Apprentices, Fellowcrafts and Masters from towns far away from Warsaw where there are no Lodges.
In this way, we give the access to the Freemasonry, the use of the Freemasonic method of personal development, reaching the Freemasonic path to the degree of Master, we build Freemasonic triangles in various cities and create the foundations for the construction of new lodges for new eastern Poland, in long term perspective naturaly
The long distances that the lodge members must travel have forced special forms of work. While completely maintaining the presence requirements for regular work in a year, they are accumulated in blocks of several days two or three times a year. During this time, very intense meetings take place discussing the Masonic method of operation, symbolism, and the essence of freemasonry. Members of the Witelon Lodge participate in the work of other lodges.
You can find more information about R∴ L∴ Witelon on its separate website.

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