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Grand Orient Of Poland
Freemason Order
belonging to the liberal and adogmatic trend of Freemasonry
of a mixed nature (initiates both men and women)
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How does one become a Freemason?

The Grand Orient of Poland is a secular initiatory Order that describes itself as an association that is philanthropic, philosophical and progressive.

The principles that guide Freemasons are: mutual tolerance, respect for others and oneself, and absolute freedom of conscience.

The motto of the Grand Orient of Poland is Freedom, Equality and Fraternity.

Grand Orient Of Poland (Wielki Wschód Polski or WWP) as an organization does not engage in politics and does not take any position on political matters.

  1. Searching for truth.
  2. Deepening morality.
  3. Practicing solidarity.
  4. Working on improving the material, moral and social condition of humanity.
  5. Developing brotherly bonds among Freemasons.
  6. Teaching respect for both physical and mental work.
  7. Promoting among its members the principles of helping the weak, justice towards all, devotion to the Family, Homeland and Humanity, and maintaining dignity towards oneself.
  8. Defending of the ideals of secularism and Secular Institutions, which are an expression of the principles of reason, tolerance and fraternity.

The Grand Orient of Poland is an adogmatic organization. It does not require its members to believe in God or any dogma in any form. Its Lodges gather both believers and atheists alike. Regardless of the rite in which the Lodges work and regardless of whether or not they refer to the Great Architect of the Universe, we consider matters of faith or disbelief to be the within the individual’s area of responsibility and conscience.

We treat the Great Architect of the Universe as well as other references to the Bible, the Gospel or other holy books of various religions as historical symbols of non-dogmatic spirituality, naturally needed by man for intellectual and emotional development and the development of social sensitivity, which are necessary to express full humanity and the best virtues of humanism.

The Grand Orient of Poland is understood as the association of Masonic Lodges consisting of Freemasons having a common constitution and common regulations that are the basis for selection of authorities: legislative, executive and judicial. The headquarters of the Association is Warsaw.

Lodges associated with the Grand Orient of Poland work in on of the recognized rites of a wide variety and none is more important than the other.

The lodges retain their autonomy and individual character, remaining in accordance with the Constitution and Regulations of the Grand Orient of Poland.

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