I hereby acknowledge having read and understood the following data protection notice.

Information on the processing of personal data

Data administrator

Grand Orient of Poland (hereinafter also "GOP") with its registered seat in Warsaw at ul. Andersa 13 is the data administrator (the "Administrator") for the purposes hereof.

Contact data: You may contact the administrator by email at office@grand-orient.pl, through the contact form located at https://wielkiwschod.pl/contact, or by writing to the address: Wielki Wschód Polski - ul. Andersa 13 lok. 110. The Data Administrator may be contacted in all matters concerning the processing of personal data and/or the exercise of rights related to the processing of data.

Purpose and legal basis of processing data

Your data shall be processed for the purpose of commencement or exercising of your membership in GOP - we are legally entitled to do so based on your consent.

Recipients of data

Your data may be disclosed to entities who process personal data at the request of the Data Administrator (including the providers of IT services), where such entities shall engage in data processing pursuant to an agreement with the Administrator and exclusively following instructions from the Administrator.

Period during which data may be processed: your personal data shall be kept until your consent is withdrawn.

Rights of the owner of data

Your are entitled to demand access to your data and/or to request their correction, deletion or limitation of the scope of processing. At your request the Administator shall provide you with a copy of the personal data which is being processed. You may withdraw your consent. If you withdraw your consent, this will not affect the legality of data processing prior to this withdrawal, while the consent remained in force. To the extent that your data is processed through an automated process for the purpose of exervising your membership and/or said data is processed pursuant to your consent - your are also entitled to transfer your data, i.e. to receive from the Administrator your data, in a structured, generally used and readable format. You may transfer the data to a different data administrator. You are also entitled to file a complaint to the regulatory authority in charge of data protection. Should you wish to exercise the above rights, please contact the Administrator (see the contact details above).

Notice regarding disclosure of data

You may (but are no required to) disclose your data for contact purposes: "I hereby consent to the processing od my personal data to the extent which is necessary for the purpose of commencement or exercising my membership in GOP, said processing to be carried out by Wielki Wschód Polski with registered seat in Warsaw at ul. Andersa 13 ("GOP") as the data administrator and for the purpose of contacts by phone and/or by email. Pursuant to this consent GOP may process the following types of my personal data: indentifying information, telephone, email and address and information concerning my education. I give my consent freely and hereby declare that I have been informed that the I have the right to withdraw my consent. I acknowledge that if I withdraw my consent this will not affect the legality of data processing which occurs pursuant to my consent before it has been withdrawn."