How to become a Freemason?

The Anderson Constitution from 1723 states that to become a Freemason a person must be free and moral - therefore mature, aware of his views on life and behaving ethically.

Although much has changed since the publication of the Anderson Constitution, the general principles remain unchanged. The concepts of freedom, independence and citizen have changed and Freemasonry also underwent transformations. Today we accept men and women on equal basis. We treat the candidates equally regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, religion or nationality.

Piotr Kuncewicz, the late Grand Master of Grand Orient of Poland formulated the principle of inviting candidates to the Order. This is the principle of "doors are open wide but the threshold is high". We are open to all who are sincerely interested in the Masonic path of self-improvement. However, we invite only those who are themselves searching, who are aware of the duties which this invitation carries with it, and who are ready to develop their own individuality through group cooperation.

What are the conditions for joining the Grand Orient of Poland?

In practice a potential candidate to the Order should:

  • have a conscious, free and unforced will to join
  • be a mature person and be at least of the age of consent
  • have a stable livelihood and a stable personal life
  • be able to observe the world critically and objectively
  • possess an excellent reputation (we also expect that the candidate have no criminal record as regards intentional criminal offences)
  • be an honourable, loyal and honest person, tolerant of the differences of others
  • be discreet and able to keep secrets

The fulfilment of the above requirements is a necessary condition but is not by itself sufficient for joining the Order.


What can I do do to join Freemasonry?

If you meet the above requirements, the question remains: how can I be invited to join Grand Orient of Poland? The process of joining may start in one of two ways:

  1. At the initiative and on recommendation of an active member of Freemasonry
  2. At the initiative of the potential candidate - after submitting the application by email


What is the procedure to apply?

One should present himself/herself, including your education, place of residence, age, place of work and family status. It is important that the candidate provide the contact telephone number, email address and indicate the hours when he/she may be contacted. The application should also contain information about the candidate's interests, values, which guide him/her in life, as well as the reasons why he/she would like to apply for membership in Freemasonry.

Information about the candidate (in the form of a CV and a letter of motivation) is delivered to the members of the Lodge. At that point starts the Time of Trial, during which the Order verifies the information sent and reviews the application. If the Trial is successful, the first meeting takes place. During this meeting and interview the candidate receives all information that the candidate may deem necessary to take the decision to join. At the same time the interviewer decides whether further meetings should take place. As a result of meetings with the candidate, the interviewers will present candidate's profile to the Lodge.

When submitting your application, you must be aware that admission to the Order does not involve any honours, privileges, access to power, money or luxuries. Instead, it involves obligations, costs, own work and active involvement, not just participation. When starting the road to Freemasonry, you must also be aware of the need to patiently survive the preparatory period, which can be really long.

In Grand Orient of Poland different Lodges operate in various Rites. They have a lot of autonomy. Some have their own additional requirements for applicants. We kindly ask you to read the information on our website quite thoroughly. We take the candidate's decision to apply for Freemasonry very seriously. It should be the result of a well-thought-out decision, not curiosity, impulse or temporary fascination.


Where and how to apply?

We invite you to submit an application through the Contact page.

Because work in the Lodge requires your presence once or twice a month, as a rule Freemasonry may assign candidates to specific lodges within a particular geographical area.

  • Warsaw or the surrounding area - if you can travel to a meeting at least once a month in one of Warsaw's R∴ L∴ Liberty Restored, Atanor, Cezary Leżeński
  • North West of Poland - we invite you to R∴ L∴ Galileo in Bydgoszcz
  • West of Poland - we invite you to R∴ L∴ Falcon & Owl in Poznań
  • South of Poland - people that can travel on meetings to Cracow we invite you to R∴ L∴ Astrolabe in Kraków
  • Other parts of Poland - we invite you to work at R∴ L∴ Witelon. It meets in a session system, two or three days, few times a year. Has an extensive system of correspondence work, it also accepts people residing outside of Poland who can attend work sessions. One of objectives of R∴ L∴ Witelon's is to work on enlightening masonic lights in other Polish cities.
  • Those interested in meetings conducted in English in Warsaw - we invite you to R∴L∴ Universe
  • Those interested in meetings conducted in English in different cities across Europe  - we invite you to R∴L∴ Synergy
  • Latvia - we invite you to Riga's R∴ L∴ Moria