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In the Orient of Poznan Pod Sokołem i Sową

In the Orient of Poznan

Ryt Szkocki Dawny i Uznany

The name of the Lodge refers to opposing but also complementary forces, such as Darkness and Light, Evil and Good, Femininity and Masculinity.
The owl is a divine bird associated with Athena (Minerva), and therefore with divine Wisdom. In addition, the Owl is a symbol of the soul and death, the death of superstitions, false beliefs, one could even say the death of hypocrisy and falsehood. Death is also a transformation, the beginning of something new. The owl therefore symbolizes both the negative and positive aspects of this transformation.

The falcon is Horus – the Egyptian symbol of the Soul’s journey to the Great Architect, and therefore the ultimate and immeasurable Source of Wisdom and Beauty. Sometimes the form of the Falcon was also taken by Ra, the Sun God, so in a way the Falcon is also a symbol of enlightenment and an extremely deep call to seek the Light that will illuminate the darkness of Darkness and false judgments and superstitions.

The lighting ceremony was honored by the presence of representatives of all the remaining 10 Lodges of the Grand Orient of Poland and the representation of the Polish Lodges of the Grand Female Lodge of France.

The Lodge under the Sokołem and Sowa is open to all candidates, in accordance with the Masonic custom of “free and good manners”, living in the western regions of Poland and wishing to explore the arcana of Freemasonry.

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